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~  Refunds  not  given  after  first  class  ~ 

Members  begin  registration  April 17, 2017

Non-Members  begin  registration  April 24, 2017


Swim lessons will be taught again this season.  We will still try to offer a variety of levels of swimming lessons every session.  Each class requires a minimum of 4 students registered and paid before each class can begin.  Class registrations will close three days before the new session begins.  We will continue to keep the student teacher ratio to a minimal level, striving to add an instructor with 7 or more children in the class.  A waiting list may be maintained, and additional classes might be scheduled if instructors and space are available.  We cannot guarantee that you will get the desired time for class if you are on the waiting list.  You will be notified on the weekend preceding the start of the class to confirm your child’s participation.  Only paid registrants are guaranteed a place in the class, and instructors are assigned once the class has 4 registered. 


We will ask each child to perform certain skills on the first day of class to ensure their proper placement in the class.  It is our goal to have the children in each class to be as similar in skills (not necessarily in age) as possible.  Please bear with us during this process.  Our instructors will make sure the child is in the correct class.  In addition, let us know of any special circumstances that require you child to be in a particular class or time period. 


Private Lessons (1:1 ratio) and Semi-Private Lessons (2:1 ratio) are available for  members only  and available any time the pool is open to members except during scheduled group lesson times.  However, availability of instructors could be limited at certain times.  You must pay for the child when you register at the front desk.


  • Ducks: This 30-minute class is for children 18 months to 2 years as an introduction to the water.  Parents will be in the water with the child.  The skills are similar to Level I skills.  
  • Level I - Salamanders: This 30-minute class introduction to Water Skills without parent.  Child must be 3 and able to function in a group environment.  Learn basic water safety, comfort in the water, floating and kicking on the front and back.  Safety rules. 
  • Level II - Jelly Fish: This 30-minute class introduces fundamental aquatic skills such as learning real swimming on both back and front without support, recovering to standing, and various arm and leg actions. 
  • Level III - Turtles: This 30-minute class introduces stroke development, which means learning survival float, elementary backstroke, leg actions for scissors and dolphin kicks.  Begin to learn headfirst entry from side of pool. 
  • Level IV - Tadpoles: This 45-minute class reinforces stroke improvement with front crawl, elementary backstroke and their endurance with added movements for side stroke, butterfly and introduce backstroke, breast stroke and turns.
  • Level V - Dolphins: This 45-minute class concentrates on stroke refinement.  That is refine and coordinate the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and add considerable endurance.  They will also coordinate starts and turns.